Dolphin Watching

Enjoy a breathtaking boat trip, search for dolphins, spend the afternoon over the ocean and connect with the sea life.

Island Tour

Experience an inhabited Maldivian island and discover local culture. Enjoy the signature Maldivian hospitality and the environment.

Maafushi Island Tour

Maafushi is really relaxed and you will experience this typical island vibe, no massive resorts, star restaurants or luxury shops, but just the simple local life, which we personally love.

Male City Tour

Wander through the busy local streets during the Male city tour. Take a tour to the fish market, the national museum, the main Mosque, and more.


Glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat. Parasail above the blue waters and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Maldivian islands.

Resort Trip

This is a perfect opportunity to experience the resort life! Spend your day enjoying facilities of a luxury resort and indulge yourself! Lunch and drinks included.


Perhaps the easiest ways to see the corals and their colors of inhabiting life is to snorkel over the shallow reefs with guided help of professionals.

Submarine Dive

Recommended for non-divers, the submarine excursion will help you to explore the world beneath the sea surface and get a glimpse of Maldives amazing underwater life.

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a breathtaking boat trip, search for dolphins as they enjoy the sunset and twilight with you over the calm Indian Ocean.

Sunset Fishing

Join us in our fishing excursions, atop Dhoni boats and try your hand on some sunset hand-line fishing in true Maldivian style.

SCUBA Diving

There's a world of underwater adventures out there waiting for you. Book your scuba dive with and discover the fabulous and colorful marine life.

Water Sports

Enjoy a funny, thrilling & exciting day with your friends & family on a banana boat, when the wind gets up, grab the windsurf board and experience magical moments in the waves, or Jet-ski trough the lagoon under the afternoon sun.


We provide excursions and adventure packages to various location via our partners. You can book for excursions at our reception for day visits to resorts, adventure trips to local islands, snorkeling, island hopping, dolphin watching, submarine dive, fishing trips, water sports and Male’ city tour.

An Experience Like No Other

You want more? Well, we've got more. The beautiful luxury resorts of the Maldives are the best in the world. From some of the most expensive resorts on the planet, to the modest affordable, we've got it all. We can arrange resort trips to our customers on request.